Must-Have Clothing Pieces For Fall

It blows my mind that we’re at the end of August and that I’m even in a place where I can start posting about cute fall staple pieces. Let me tell you, I AM HERE FOR IT. I live for the fall. Fall clothes, crisp air, football games, not sweating profusely when I stand outside for longer than 10 seconds. I used to love fall because my birthday is in October, but now that I’m at the age where birthdays are another reminder that I’m one year closer to needing botox, they’ve lost their appeal.

While it’s challenging to think about and shop for sweaters and leather leggings when it it’s still 87 degrees and averaging a solid 93% humidity every day, I’m here to tell you that there are some styles you’re going to want to snag ASAP. I’m not one of those early adopters who hop on every fugly trend, regardless of what model is suffering through walking down the runway wearing it. That said, you’re going to see a whole lot of classics that are affordable and can be re-worn over and over, season after season.


I used to covet the iconic Abercrombie symbol on the back pockets of my jeans in the seventh grade. Who didn’t?! A classic status symbol when it came to the hierarchy of who was cool and who wasn’t. But ever since I hit 20, I realized that logos on the backs of jeans weren’t as cool as they once were. Tragic. Luckily, A&F rebranded recently and got rid of their blatant logos all over their clothes, and now I’m obsessed again! I just ordered a bunch of their jeans since they’re all on sale right now. And the best part is that when you place your first order, you get $20 when you spend $50, and you get free shipping over orders of $75 .They’r running a massive sale rn, so go check it out.

Honorable mentions for jeans I also love, but don’t care to write a monologue about:

  • J. Crew Factory: They have classic cuts and are completely work appropriate, since most of their jeans don’t come distressed.
  • Old Navy: Not only do they have what feels like hundreds of styles, but they’re always having a sale, and they have really great colored denim options in great fall colors.

Abercrombie Selects

Left: High Rise Ankle Jeans, $44. Right: High Rise Ankle Jeans, $44


J. Crew Factory Selects

Left: Straight & Narrow Jeans 29″ Inseam, $39,50. Right: High Rise Skinny Jeans 29″ Inseam, $39.50


Old Navy Selects

Red: Mid-Rise Pop Color Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, $25. Pink: Mid-Rise Pop Color Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans, $29 Green: Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinns Jeans, $25. Orange: Mid-Rise Sateen Rockstar Jeans, $29


Let’s be frank. I have far too many sweaters in my closet, but couldn’t care less. I wear them all the time, no matter the season, because my office absolutely insists that we keep the AC on 64 degrees at all times. Lucky me, the vent is directly in front of my face. So yeah, sweaters are a must. All of the ones that I listed out below are sweaters that I’ve either ordered in the last two weeks, or will be ordering in the next two week. Again, super affordable! Forgive me for all things Target here, but I cannot express how much I love their sweaters every year! They do such a great job at giving a mix between bland and chic.

Abercrombie Selects

Left: Wrap Front Sweater, $39 (I bought in all 3 colors). Right: Open Stitch Cable Cardigan, $35


Shein Selects

Green: Eyelash Lace Drop Shoulder Jumper, $18. Plaid: High-Neck Gingham Crop Sweater, $18 Pink: Drop Shoulder Fluffy Sweater, $22. Grey: Grey Long Sleeved Loose Sweater, $21


Target Selects

Yellow: Cable Crewneck Pullover Sweater, $20. Leopard: Animal Print Any Day Cardigan, $23 White: Woven Patterned Cocoon Cardigan, $25. Light Grey: Belted Cardigan, $30 Red/Black: Woven Patterned Cocoon Cardigan, $25. Neutral Colorblock: Colorblocked Cable Pullover Sweater, $40 Plaid: Plaid Fuzzy Sweater, $50. Grey Ruffle: Ruffle Bell-Sleeve Pullover Sweater, $40 Cape: Wrap Sweaters Sylvia Alexander, $40.



I’m 1000% guilty of always buying dresses and then rarely wearing them because I’m the type of girl who prefers jeans and a tee over a dress. I’m pale af and showing off my blindingly white legs is not something I enjoy. HOWEVER. Fall means tall boots are not only in style, but your legs won’t get all sweaty and sticky on the inside of the boot because it’s not 90+ degrees out anymore. Check out the dresses I have my eye on below – my favorite is the overall dress from Mint.

The Mint Julep Boutique Selects

Plaid: Plaid Party Dress, $40. Maxi: Record Beauty Maxi Dress, $56 Denim: Calling On You – Dark Denim, $39.         Overall: Need You Now Overall Dress in Marsala, $44 


Shein Selects

Black W/ Buttons: Single Breasted Bishop Sleeve Dress, $15. Blue Stripes: Striped Single Breasted Side Knot Dress, $18 Belted Army Green: Button Front Belted Collar Neck Dress, $19. Black V-Neck W/ Pockets: Single Breasted Wrap Knot Back Dress, $20 Green W/ Buttons: Single Breasted Bishop Sleeve Dress, $18. White Flowy Maxi: Mock Neck Semi Sheer Pleated Floral Dress, $17 Short Sleeve: Frayed Edge Button Detail Tweed Dress, $18. Burnt Orange Midi: Button Up Polka Dot Dress, $24 Sweater Dress: Drop Shoulder Marled Knit Tee Dress, $14


Aerie Selects

Grey: Knot Long Sleeve Dress, $28. Lilac: Long Sleeve Fleece Dress, $35  Black: Plush Turtleneck Dress, $28.


I have a legit problem with buying shoes. I have SO many, it’s getting out of hand. The real drag of it all is that I love the way that heels look in my closet, but I hate wearing them, I’m wayyy more into booties or slip on sneakers. That said, you’re about to see a whole lot of comfy shoes below. If you’re looking for anything sexy, this post is not for you.

Nordstrom Rack Selects

Silver Mules: Something Navy Cain Strappy Mules, $29. Camel Booties: Sole Society Vixen Bootie, $30 Grey Booties: Luis Suede Open Toe Bootie, $40. Leopard Sneakers: Aldo Ramelli Slip On Sneaker, $45 Gold Sneakers: Marc Fisher Elise Platform Sneaker, $50. Black Sneakers: J/Slides Aristocrat Platform Sneaker, $50 Purple Loafers: Franco Sarto Hadden Tassel Loafer, $40. Silver Loafers: Franco Sarto Hudley Loafer, $50 Leopard Loafers: Naturalizer Veronica Loafer, $40


Target Selects

Rose Gold Loafers: Micah Pointed Toe Closed Loafers, $23. Brown Slides: Amber Backless Loafer Mules, $23 Gold Loafers: Penny Loafers, $28. Brown Loafers: Quinn Closed Back Loafers, $28 Camel Sneakers: Jena Lace Up Sneakers, $20. Grey Sneakers: Jena Espadrille Lace Up Sneakers, $20 White Sneakers: Mandy Canvas Lace Up Sneakers, $17. Silver Sneakers: Baylee Sneakers, $35 Heeled Mules: Norelle Microsuede Stacked Heeled Mules, $30 Black Booties: Ellie Chelsea Boots, $30. Tan Booties: Emerson Heeled Fashion Boots, $38 Amber Booties: Metallic Western Ankle Boots, $38.

Kohls Selects

Brown Booties: Pearl Ankle Boots, $35. Black Booties: Baron Ortholite High Heeled Ankle Boots, $50 Tan Booties: Clock Ankle Boots, $45. Black Sneakers: Muk Luks Gianna Womens Boat Shoes, $32 Blue Tassel Loafers: Capri Loafers, $50. Navy Bow Slides: LC Lauren Conrade Mules, $35 Checkered Mules: Sam Edelman Sydney Mules, $50. Blush Flats: LC Lauren Conrad Gazania D’Orsay Flats, $20 Blue Velvet Loafers: LC Lauren Conrad Calla Pointed Loafers, $20



That should help get y’all through the first month or two of fall. And if it doesn’t, than your shopping problem is worse than mine. I’ll be back in October with an update on must-have outwear, cold-weather accessories, and anything else that comes my way. Happy Spending! xo, AJ

Cheers to Four Years in NYC

I’ve officially been calling NYC home for four years. CAN YOU BELIEVE?! And before any of you snobs get on my case for the fact that I moved out to Jersey City last summer, grab a spoon (hi toasters), because JC is considered the NYC metro area so therefore it still counts kthanksbye.

I could go on for HOURS about what I’ve learned since living here, but here’s what’s important.

  1. I convinced myself the first 2 and a half years that there would never be a mouse in my apartment. I was wrong. Twice. TBH, as long as I don’t see them, I’m fine with pretending they’re not there. I legit announce myself when walking into my apartment and give any potential mice a 10 second head start. We’re learning to live with it.
  2. There’s no such thing as having a lot of money in NYC. Even if you make a lot of money, you end up spending it. It’s a weird, sick cycle. Think you’ll save a lot if you make $100k+ a year? Wrong. You’ll blow it on spending $3k + a month on rent because you just had to have the extra bathroom space.
  3. Speaking of apartments, apartment hunting is an absolute joke. If you see a place that you don’t completely hate and won’t force you to live on ramen 75% of the month, SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE MY FRIEND. You have about 30 seconds to fork over the deposit, first month’s rent, and broker fee before somebody comes along and snatches it right from your hands. It’s the hunger games out here.
  4. Subways have been, still are and always will be the easiest way to get around in the city. Am I guilty of getting an Uber because I’m too lazy to get on the Subway and possibly have to stand in case I don’t get a seat? Yes. Does it take me 20 minutes longer to get to my destination? Also yes. Does it cost me at least $20 every time I’m this lazy? Yes, at a minimum. Take the subway.
  5. Moving is such a bitch. Trust me on this. I’ve moved four times now, and it has 100% sucked each and every time. If you can stay in your apartment, DO IT.
  6. If you absolutely cannot stay in your apartment, suck it up and higher movers. Or at the very least, hire a couple guys off Task Rabbit for a few hours. You’re going to be spending money to move either way and having (semi) professionals there to help you will save you from a dramatic amount of blood, sweat and tears. I tried to move by myself once and I can assure you, it will NEVER happen again.
  7. I’ve lived here for four years, and I simply cannot understand the hysterics surrounding cockroaches. It’s a bug dude, hit it with your shoe and flush it down the toilet. Grow a pair and move on.
  8. Speaking of things that are scary, I feel like my tolerance has quadrupled in terms of what has any effect on me anymore. To this day, the grosses thing I’ve seen is a tie between a homeless man ~pleasuring~ himself in front of me on the subway, and a homeless woman straight up squatting over the subway tracts and pooping  onto them in front of a family of now-scarred german tourists. Literally nothing phases me anymore.
  9. Your corner bodega will be the most convenient place for you to buy groceries, but also the most expensive. Four years here, and I’ve yet to understand how they decide to price things the way they do. Sorry, but I’m can’t justify paying $6.50 for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at your store one week, and then $7.75 the next. Like what? that much inflation in 7 days? Nahhh, my man. Just go to Duane Reade for the essentials.
  10. Dating in this city is such a joke. Like yeah I know guys suck pretty much everywhere, but they’re at least 15-20% douchier in New York. That does NOT mean I advise against dating – quite the contrary. Building up my dating resume in NYC has made me emotionally tougher, built up my confidence (after having it torn down repeatedly), and helped me sort out what it is that I want in a guy. I can now successfully spot red flags from miles away (LOL still don’t pay attention to them tho…). No joke, I’ve probably been on 20-30 first dates in the last couple of years, and I’m sorta close to mastering them. Pro tip: ALWAYS put a time limit on your first date. There’s nothing worse than being excited to go out with someone, getting there and not vibing, and then realizing you’re forced to spend hours with this person with no end in sight. Put. A. Limit. On. It. You’ll thank me later.
  11. There are literally thousands of cool things to do, no matter what day or time it is. I’ve gone trapezing off of Chelsea Piers, attended a massive Rosé picnic on Governor’s Island, been a part of the World’s Largest Champagne Toast, and I’m running in the NYC marathon this November. My biggest tip? Take advantage of every minute you have.
  12. My friends are my lifeline. I don’t have a massive group of friends in New York, but I do have a small group of truly quality girls that have made this last four years worth every second. They’re a huge part of why I didn’t end up moving to Boston or California. I have best friends that don’t live in the city, and our bond is incredibly strong. But my girls in New York understand my life in a different way, a way that you couldn’t know unless you’ve lived it yourself. It’s impossible to express how grateful I am or how lucky I feel to have landed a group of friends like them. If you should get so lucky, hold on to them for dear life.


Tips for Digital Dating

Hey what’s up helloooo friends!

If you’ve been following me for a while (bless your heart, you’ve seen my crazy and you’re still here, LOVE YOU MEAN IT), then you know I’ve had more than my fair share of dating disasters. From gross/WAY over the line Bumble messages, to guys ghosting, to getting dumped after getting intimate, I’ve experienced it all. Don’t recall? See here and here for past posts on it (I HAVE RECEIPTS, FRIENDS).The start of 2018 was a real bitch for my dating life, I’ll tell you that much. There is comfort, though, in knowing that I’m not alone. Not that I want any of you lovelies to be miserable and crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s by yourself (what no that never happened to me…). It’s just that I know it can sometimes feel like you’re always playing defense when it comes to dating, and I think it’s time that we start learning some O-line plays, ya feel me?

I’ve thrown together some quick tips + tricks that I, along with some of you who submitted these to me, have found to be successful. May the odds be ever in your favor, babe.


PS: Netflix & Chill IS NOT A GOOD FIRST DATE. Don’t fall into the trap.

  1. “Hey handsome”. I can’t give you the scientific reason behind why this works, other than that men love to be flattered. I mean, I don’t hate being called beautiful, so I imagine that it works both ways, right? This seems so dumb and simple, but hear me out. I met an ex on Bumble and in his profile it said something along the lines of, “don’t just say hey, I won’t respond”. So I spiced it up and did the LEAST I possibly could. Clearly it worked, because we dated for a year. You’re welcome.
  2. “Hey! So you’re really cute and tbh I wish I could think of something clever to make me stand out but I’m drawing blanks sooo hi haha.” – Again, I have no idea why this works but it does. I used to mass message this to guys and the response rate was through the roof. I told my friends about it and it worked for them too – try it out and tell me how it goes!
  3. STOP PUTTING SO MANY PICTURES WITH YOUR FRIENDS UP. I cannot stress this enough. At one point I was actually self conscious of my profile because it was only pictures of me and it seemed like all my girlfriends had pictures of them with friends up there. Did I seem friendless? Or did I seem like a narcissist? I threw my phone up to countless guy friends to have them look it over and they all said the same thing – it’s better when it’s just you. There’s nothing fun for a guy having to play a guessing game of which girl you actually are. And what if they match with you because they like a girl that’s not actually you?? Avoid the confusion.
  4. When it Comes to Your Profile, Be Honest. There’s nothing worse when it comes to dating than when you show up for a date and the guy looks absolutely nothing like he does on his profile. It’s actually the reason why I show up early to every first date, because I’m worried I won’t recognize the person and how awkward is that? Obv you should put up pictures of yourself that look cute and show you off in a positive light, but going overboard is unnecessary. Keep it light with the photoshops/filters, and be honest in your bio. Do you know how many times I had 
    guys freak out on dates because I told them I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol? Too many (I’m embarrassed for them). So I legit started including it in my profile so automatically weed out any potential alcoholics coming down the pipeline.


    Throwback to when my mom FINALLY understood what a meme was and then used that as an opportunity to roast me for Bumble catfishers

  5. It’s a Numbers Game. I live by the motto of, “swipe now, decide later”. If I’m unsure on if I think a guy is someone I’d for sure want to go out with, I swipe right anyway. There’s 3 things that can happen after that. 1) He doesn’t swipe you back, so this whole thing is moot anyways. 2) He swipes you back and you decide you don’t like him. Big deal, you just don’t message him. 3) He swipes you back and you DO like him and you guys message and go out. I feel like some of my friends are SO picky and it’s like uhmm sorry but Chris Hemsworth isn’t on Bumble so who exactly are you looking for???
  6. There are Apps Aside from Bumble. Ok yeah so I know Tinder still exists but like, it shouldn’t. It was fun in college when this was all brand new but now I feel like it’s just filled with the creepy leftovers who don’t get responded to on Bumble and it just gets weird. Idk, not for me. I do, however, like Hinge. A lot. I don’t love that the free version only gives you a few swipes per day, so I actually paid the $7 a month or whatever for unlimited swipes and I found that it was worth it. There’s more info on there, you can filter your potential matches by things like whether or not they smoke, if they want kids, their height, how often they drink, whatever. It seems like you’d find someone a bit more compatible that way. I’ve also tried out The League. I didn’t love it. Again, you only get like, 3-5 potential matches per day, and if you pay, it’s something like $30-$40 a month. And I’ve found that the guys on there tend to be cocky and full of themselves. I can find those guys just by walking down Wall Street or hitting up the Surf Lodge, I don’t need an app to help me with that. Pass.
  7. Actually Go Out On Dates. I’m not sure why this is such a foreign concept, but chances are that if you’re on a dating app, one would assume you actually want to go out on dates. I’m not looking for a pen pal here my guy, so tell me when we’re meeting up, or you’ll find yourself unmatched. Even if you go and don’t have the *best time ever*, it’s still a good way to throw some grease on the wheels and brush up on your dating skills.
  8. Have an Escape Route. I can count on ONE HAND the number of first dates I’ve been on where I didn’t have an escape route. What do I mean by this? I started 95% of my dates with, “I have XYZ to do in an hour and a half so I just need to make sure I pay attention to the clock”. Why is this so important? Have you ever been stuck on a first date that you hated and there was NO END IN SIGHT? Well I have, and it was UGLY. After that, I made sure to have an escape plan. And if it turned out things were going well, then guess what? Omg my plans were magically cancelled! Amazing!


It’s a tough world out there ladies, but I’m confident we can handle this. Do you have any tips/tricks for digital dating? Send them my way! xo, AJ

How I Got My Groove Back

If you know me, then you know that dance has been something I’ve enjoyed my entire life. From the day my mom forced me into a tiny leotard and ballet slippers at age 3, all the way through dance classes for the next 10 years (and don’t forget cheerleading from ages 8-17), dance has been something that is such a release for me. Aside from Lacrosse and tennis, I’ve never been someone who’s interested in traditional athletics – think soccer, softball, basketball… all of those are awful to me, considering I struggle to make any sort of bat to ball contact during even a wiffleball game. This probably drives my father crazy since he’s a gym teacher & coach, but hey – that’s what siblings are for, right? To make up for what you lack?

My strengths have always been in dance and cheerleading, and they’re things I’ve found comfort in for as long as I can remember. Once I started college and my cheerleading career was over, the only real dance outlet I had were the Zumba classes I took every once in a while. And then when I was post-grad, I started taking Zumba classes on a much for frequent basis because in addition to being great exercise, it gave me this release of being able to move in a way that I had craved so much since high school.

Which brings me to the Rickey Sisters. Not to sound like a massive weirdo, but this class has improved my quality of life so much. Yes, Zumba is fun and it’s a great workout, but it’s so different than a choreographed dance class where you’re learning an actual routine and you get to add your own flare of attitude and sass to it. I’m not gonna lie, the first class was a lil rough for me – I watched a playback of it and was disappointed to see that the talents I once had didn’t seem to be there anymore. I wasn’t sharp, I wasn’t fluid, I wasn’t going into the moves hard enough.. but I felt SO GOOD. So I went back again. And again. And again. And again.


Post-class mirror selfie (plz ignore the dripping sweat)

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.58.31 AM

I go to their class at Studio B every Wednesday night at 7:30 – I even went a few days after my wisdom teeth came out, because I had zero desire to miss whatever routine we were learning that week. Alyssa and Sammy are the BEST instructors ever – they’re kind, funny, and they genuinely appreciate that you want to come to their class. They’ll also just really great at teaching – I never feel like they’re moving on from a step too quickly, and they’re great at repeating counts over and over until every single person in the class feels comfortable moving on. And the best part is that every week, I feel and see myself getting better – getting closer to where I used to be. And it’s not only physical changes. My mood has been so much better since starting these classes – I have something to look forward to every single week, and I feel such a sense of accomplishment and pride when I’m able to learn the routine and execute it the entire thing by the end of the class. At $34 a class, it’s the cheapest therapy around.

Interested in taking a class? You can find their Instagram here (filled with insanely cool dance videos) and sign up for their class here. Questions? DM me ANY you have! I get DMs from you guys after every single video I post asking how you can sign up – I’d LOVE to see you there!


Unfortunately I don’t have a clear video of me from the first class, but posting all of the other routines I’ve learned below so you can get a feel for what the class is like – the videos are in order from earlier classes to the latest one (the last one is my favorite!):




Spring Cleaning For Skin: My Nighttime Skincare Routine

*IMPORTANT* This post is NOT sponsored, I just really like these products. After writing this post, I reached out to Dermalogica to do a product giveaway for you guys, and they happily agreed! Go to this post on my Instagram to win $140 worth of Dermalogica products!

As we start moving into warmer weather again (fingers crossed!), I think now is as good a time as any for us all to review how our skin is doing, what we like, what we don’t like, and what we want to start focusing on. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. YOUR SKIN IS VERY IMPORTANT. You need to treat it with the upmost respect because if you don’t, that bitch will turn on you so fast your head will spin. I accidentally fell asleep with my makeup on for ONE NIGHT about two months ago, and a battled a breakout for two weeks after that. It’s just not worth it. You’ll lose, every time.

That said, I’ve been working with a new nighttime skincare routine for the last month or so, and it’s been going extraordinarily well so far. I’m not a millionaire, so consider this the poor girl’s version of a luxury skin routine.


Makeup Removing Balm

I did an entire post on this makeup remover back in October because I loved it so much. This makeup removing balm by Clinique is the only stuff I’ve found that helps me take off all my makeup – that includes my waterproof mascara – without irritating my skin or ripping my eyelashes out. I’ve used this remover every. damn. day. since the beginning of October, and I still have half the container left. I am OBSESSED you guys! It doesn’t make my skin feel greasy at all – it just makes it soft. Apparently using a makeup removing balm before washing your face is all the rage now, thanks to K-Beauty. So now you’re in the know – you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.29.44 AM

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm: Clinique, $30


Face Wash

Dermalogica… man, you guys know how to make a product. I’m a big fan of their Daily Microfoliant and here’s why: It’s a powder. You can travel with it in your carry on and not worry about the size. Toss it in an overnight bag and not worry about it spilling everywhere. It’s the bees knees. You apply it to a damp face, and only need a little bit. The only downside is that if you’re not careful, you might end up pouring out more than you wanted to – so just be careful! Otherwise, my skin is squeaky clean, exfoliated, soft and ready to take on the next step – moisturizing! It’s a little pricey, but you get a lot of product ($57 for the 2.6 oz bottle, $15 for the 0.45 oz bottle). WORTH. IT.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.32.00 AM

Daily Microfoliant: Dermalogica, $15

Face Oil + Roller Combo

I really have no idea what prompted me to pick this up from Marshall’s, because the idea of adding oil to my face sounds like a nightmare. But it smelled good, and I’d seen a handful of beauty bloggers post about using oils on their faces in the past, so I figured I’d give it a go. Turns out, I LOVE IT. I think that because it’s so hydrating, it actually keeps my breakouts to a minimum. I’ve been using it with this face massager thing I bought at ELF for like $8.00 and massaging it into my face for 5-10 minutes every night while I binge of re-runs of RHONY, and I’m loving its work so far. Also: when I say massaging, I mean that I’m doing it with an actual tool that I picked up from ELF Cosmetics. The less you touch your face with your hands the better. I’ve heard of plenty of people using Jade Rollers, but tbh, I’m cheap and don’t wanna buy one at the moment. Don’t judge me.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.34.55 AM.png

Facial Massager: ELF Cosmetics, $4   —   Face Oil: Target, $6


Castor Oil

This stuff is the bees knees. I ordered some off of Amazon after reading about the benefits it has for eyelashes, and I’m impressed. I swipe some across the roots of each eye’s upper lashes, and then also on my eyebrows for good measure because eyebrows are v. important. I’m seeing a lot of growth in those areas, and noticing that they’re coming in thicker and healthier. LOVE.

Castor Oil: Amazon, $10


Dermalogica Sleep Cocoon Mask

I was sent a free sample of Dermalogica’s Sleep Cocoon mask by Influenster in their marketing efforts to get feedback and reviews on the product. To start, this review is 100% my own thoughts and opinions, and I wasn’t paid by anyone to write this- keep that in mind.

I want to bathe in this stuff. I thought it would be a bunch of hyped up BS like most sleep masks are, but I can admit when I’m wrong – and I was WRONG. After I use the face oil and massage it in, I apply one pump of this sleep mask onto my fingers and work it into my skin (use an extra pump to cover your neck). It’s scented with lavender, and it instantly puts me in a relaxed, sleepy state of mind. I actually wait until I’m ready to actually go to bed before I apply it because that’s how relaxing it is. I’ve been waking up with crazy good skin every morning since I started using it. Coincidence? Maybe, but pretty much definitely not. I also feel like I need to call out the price. YES, it is definitely pricey. I do feel it’s worth it though – You only need 1 pump and you get about 100 pumps per container. If you’re going to splurge, this is the product to do it on.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.32.41 AM.png

Sleep Cocoon Mask: Dermalogica, $80

Face Shaving

I posted something about this a while back, but I wholeheartedly still believe it’s mega-relevant. Contrary to what some people will tell you, shaving your face to get rid of peach fuzz will NOT make the hair grow back coarser, thicker or darker. I’ve been doing this for years, and I still have blonde, fine peach fuzz. The same amount that I’ve had since I was a kid. Doing this is excellent for exfoliating for obvious reasons – you’re getting rid of not only the hair, but also dead skin, makeup that may be more difficult to get off with just remover, and it brightens up your complexion. My makeup goes on absolutely perfectly for at least a week after because there’s nothing impairing the application. NOTE: This is NOT something you need to do every day – I only do it every few weeks. This is like a fun little bonus step to throw in there when you’re feelin’ yourself.


Tea Tree Oil: Amazon, $11   —   Tinkle Eyebrow Razors: Amazon, $5

That’s my beauty update for the time being but I’ll continue to update you with new products as I find them. Do you have any must-try products? Tell me about them! xo, AJ