Sticking to Resolutions: Part 1

If you’re anything like me, then you typically set a resolution (or 2 or 3 or 4) for the new year, and then you leave it in the dust after a week and a half. I can’t begin to tell count how many times I’ve said that I was going to save more money, work out more, eat healthier, volunteer more, etc…. and then forgotten allll about it seemingly just after it started.

But 2019 feels different. Over the last year, I’ve become a highly motivated person. Not that I was so insanely lazy before, but I can see noticeable changes in myself. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. I work really hard at my job, I make commitments and I stick to them. When I first signed up for the marathon, it was a rush of excitement and then a ton of “oh crap” moments shortly thereafter. But on November 4th, I woke up, made my way to the starting line in Staten Island, and moved across all 5 boroughs until I crossed the finish line in Central Park. I wasn’t going to quit just because it was hard.

Resolution # 1: So now here we are, the very end of January 2019, and I’m proud to say that I have stuck to major goals of mine. I signed up for a new gym on January 1st. I used to go to New York Sports Club, and it was such a waste. The nearest location was juuuust far enough from my office that when it was too hot or too cold, I convinced myself that I didn’t really have to go. And the location by my apartment. Forget about it – it’s tiny, still out of the way for any weather that’s not ~perfect~, and had the worst reviews on Yelp ever. So I decided that I was going to splurge on a new gym, and then pray that I actually went enough to make it worth the cost. If you’re wondering, it’s $130 per month. Way more expensive than what I’d normally want to pay, but given that I can see the gym from my apartment balcony, the gym itself is beautiful, has really convenient hours and offers 80+ classes a week for free, I had a hard time justifying NOT doing it. So I made Resolution #1: Go to the gym 25 out of 31 days in January. Here we are, kids. The end of January, and I’ve actually gone 26 out of the 31 days. So let’s do a little math here: $130 for the month / 26 days attended = $5 per day. So yes, while my gym overall costs more than I’d like, I’m essentially only paying $5 per day that I workout. And on Saturdays and Sundays, I often take two classes (Hardbodies and Zumba, heeeyyy!), so it’s an even better deal!

Resolution #2: Following in line with my FiTnEsS jOuRnEy, I made a weight loss goal, but made it different than how I normally do. Though I had a goal of losing 8lbs, I’m actually less focussed on the number than I am on how I actually look. Usually when I’m trying to lose weight / get in better shape, I go strictly by the scale. This time, I measured myself + took pictures. I haven’t done a follow up on those yet to compare with new measurements and pictures tbh (that’s coming up on Friday), but I can tell that my clothes fit better, my skin is more clear and I’m less bloated. Yes, the number of the scale has gone down, but I’m more impressed by what I can actually see. Speaking of scales, I am OBSESSED with my new one. I bought it for $30 on Amazon, and it does so much more than tell you about your weight. It connects to your phone via bluetooth and when you step on the scale, it measures things such as:

  • Your body fat
  • Your fat-free body weight
  • Your subcutaneous fat (the ration of subcutaneous fat stored in your skin to your body weight)
  • Visceral fat (type of body fat that is found around your organs)
  • Body water % (water weight – VERY important to me since I’m trying to be more mindful of upping my water intake)
  • Skeletal muscle + muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • Protein
  • BMR (how many calories you burn when you’re in an inactive state)
  • Metabolic age (the age your body thinks you are). This one was super interesting to me because the ideal physical body age is 2/3 of your actual age, yet mine is a few years older than my current age. I’m 26, so my goal is to get that down to about 18.

I love having all of this info at my fingertips, because it shows that just the number on the scale showing your weight is just the tip of the iceberg and does NOT reflect a ton of other info about you! And I can track my progress from each weigh-in, so I get to see how my body is changing over time. It’s been such a motivating game-changer for me – almost like a little game. Linking it here in case anyone is interested 🙂 

Resolution #3: In yet another health related goal, I’m eating better as well. I had originally planned on doing Whole30, but then decided against it. If you recall, I actually did Whole30 last year when I came back from Mexico. I’ll be the first one to tell you that hey, it works! I lost weight, I slimmed down, there was a definite change. But I constantly felt like I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could go back to having normal foods. And then when it WAS over, I binged on soo much pasta and ice cream it was wild. Which is why I decided to approach it differently this year. While I’m not restrictive about anything really, I’m making choices more carefully. I’m still eating carbs, but far less of them. I’m avoiding breads and fried foods and snacks like doritos and pretzels. Instead, I reach for similar snacks like veggie chips or these insanely good peasnap snacks that have the crunchiness of chips and have a ton of different flavors, but they’re way less calories and carbs. I’m also avoiding MOST dairy. Like, I’m not adding cheese to anything, and I’m not having regular ice cream (btw if you know me, you know that dairy is my weakness despite me being lactose intolerant). HOWEVER. Halo Top, which is a brand that claims to make “healthier” ice cream, has changed the game. When they first launched a few years ago, they were regarded as “frozen treats” instead of ice cream because they were dairy free and good source of protein, and omg they were only like 300 calories for a whole pint! I would kinda force myself to eat it and pretend it was ice cream because it sorta resembled it, but let’s be honest – it wasn’t nearly as good. WELL. I’m here to tell you that Halo Top heard me loud and clear, and they did something about it. In addition to their non-dairy frozen treats, they’ve added a line of “light ice cream”, made with the same flavors as the fan favorites from their non-dairy line, except this line is made with skim milk. Holy Crap. For 280 calories a pint, I get the most delicious tasting birthday cake flavor ice cream, and I cannot tell the difference between that and regular ice cream, except that it just does take “lighter” if that makes any sense? Like it tastes the same, but just not as heavy and rich as regular ice cream, which I actually prefer. My life has been forever changed.

So that said, here’s what I eat on a typical weekday:


Option 1: a small smoothie from the bodega next to my office called the Lexington Ave smoothie. Made with apple, mango, orange, spinach, almond milk, banana and strawberry

Option 2: 2 breakfast sausages and a scoop of breakfast potatoes. Sometimes ya girl just needs some proteins and healthy carbs to kick off her day


I’m not really a lunch kinda gal, I’m more of a snacker. So throughout the day, I have some apples with peanut butter and probably some veggie chip snacks.


Option 1: eggs & bacon. I like to make it easy on myself, as I have never claimed to be a chef. I’ll make a 4 egg omelette and throw 2 or 3 slices of bacon on there, then pat off excess grease.

Option 2: baked salmon. I grab this at the grocery store across the street from my apartment (already cooked), drizzle on some olive oil and some seasoning salt and I’m good to go. Healthy & filling!

Option 3: When it doubt, get meatballs. I workout a lot, so I’m very into making sure I actually eat some sort of protein every day. Meatballs in marinara sauce is such an easy go-to because it’s yummy, tons of protein, and filling.

Resolution #4: My bullet journal! I really like putting my thoughts on paper (one of the major reasons I started this blog), but I tend to not keep up with it as often as I’d like. I came across a really cool post on Facebook about bullet journaling and decided to try it out. Basically you make an individual page in a notebook for each thing you want to track. For me, I have mental health, money, working out, eating and work. On each page you make a little calendar for the month, and number out 1 – 31 (or however many days are in that month). Each night, you color in the little square on the calendar for that day based on how each metric performed. For instance, when I go to the gym, I color in that day green (green = good job) and then write in the corresponding line underneath the calendar what I did at the gym. It takes me about 3 minutes each day, but is SO cool to be able to look back at each day and see a little recap of what happened, and then at the month overall. I’ve stayed consistent with it, and will definitely bring it into February with me!

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