Spring Looks For When It’s Still Chilly

Sooo are we all just going to pretend that it’s normal that we’re heading towards late April and it’s still 35-40 degrees out in New York? Because WHAT?! I did a shoot for spring two weeks ago and I, for one, find it rude af that Mother Nature had the audacity to give us one GORGEOUS day last week (I’m talking sunny and 75, people) and is now taking it back. I don’t appreciate it one bit. Nevertheless, I thought it might be good to share some of those spring looks anyways. Ya know, just in case we ever actually get the chance to de-frost ourselves in 2018.

First Look

Jumpsuit: Target – $29.99 (Wearing Size L)   Shoes: Target – $37.99



Second Look

Jeans: Target – $27.99 (Wearing Size 10)   Boots: DSW – $79 (Other Colors Are On Sale!)  Jacket: Free People (This one’s an oldie, similar jacket linked here)  Top: Shein.com – On Sale for $7.00!!  (Wearing Size L)



I’m hoping to shoot a bunch of dresses for you guys in the next few weeks – looks for any budget! There will be pieces from places like Target and Boohoo.com, and pieces from places like Alice & Olivia and Kate Spade. Everybody cross their fingers for me that I don’t get frostbite or something, because NO THANKS!

xo, AJ

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