5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Little Sister

**In preparation for all the bragging to be done in this post, it makes the most sense for you to watch this quick video here to understand how special this kid really is.**

This weekend was one that I can say with 100% certainty that I will never forget. I’ve always been a sentimental person – I cry over Facebook videos on the daily. One time I even cried on the treadmill because the commercial that was playing cut into me like a knife through a cheesecake. I’ve always been close to my family which can be difficult at times, because it’s a somewhat complicated one. My parents divorced when I was really young and then both remarried before I was 5… and then went on to have a total of 5 kids. That’s right- I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. Yes, they’re technically “half” siblings. But if you ever refer to them as that to me, you’ll walk out of the room with a black eye. I’ve never felt like they were anything but 100% my siblings, no matter how annoying they could be. And trust me, they’ve been really freaking annoying.


That said, I was an emotional mess this weekend, because my little sister had senior prom and then graduated high school two days later. I love all of my siblings more than I could put into words, but there’s a special bond between Victoria and I that I’m not able to share with anyone else. Not only is she my sister (and my only sister at that), but she’s the one who first made me a big sister. I was lucky enough to be 6 and a half years old by the time she was born, so I remember everything. I remember counting down the days until she arrived, how I couldn’t stop looking at her and wanting to hold her once she was finally here. I remember watching her play her first season of soccer when she was just a toddler, little pigtails piled on top of her head, running around the field and being one of the only kids who could actually make any sort of contact with the ball. I’ve obnoxiously bragged about her to anyone who’d listen her entire life, because there are times where I’m so proud of her that I feel like my heart could burst. She’s the only person who will truly tell me what she thinks, and call me on my bullshit. So as I watched this stunning girl pose for prom pictures and throw her graduation cap in the air, there were hundreds of memories and lessons that flashed before me. Here are 5 that are my favorite:

1. I am the only person standing in my way

*Just to warn you now, this post is going to be full of bragging.* Victoria is hands-down the hardest working person I have ever known. Not that she’s not naturally smart, but her grades are not simply a result of genetic intelligent. From day one, she has been viciously competitive (mostly with herself) in everything that she does, but especially with school. She is not someone who doesn’t have to work for it. For the last 4 years especially, she has made sacrifice after sacrifice, foregoing sleep, parties, movie nights and trips to focus on her grades. So it should come as no surprise that she finished with a 96 average, a weighted GPA of 102% (because this girl loves her AP classes), was chosen for 6 collegiate scholarships and finished as 4th in her class. This girl has worked her ass off to get to where she’s going, and has taught me that the only person who can stop me from doing what I’ve set out to do is myself.

2. To speak up for myself

To be clear, I’ve never been one to shy away from saying what I’m thinking. But there have been plenty of times when I would think to avoid being confrontational because I was afraid of what someone might think of me, or what someone might say. And then I get a call from my sister, and she’s talking about how one of her friends did something that pissed her off, and she’s asking what I think about it and if what she’s planning to say sounds good. Do you know how many times I’ve said, “uhmm are you crazy, don’t say that – what if she gets mad?” and then Victoria will just say, “so what? I’m pissed that this happened in the first place! Why should I stay quiet because she might get mad that I’m mad? That’s so stupid.” And she’s right!

3. To set the bar high when it comes to guys

Looking at photos of her and knowing she’s practically a genius, it’s not hard to see she’s a total package. I’m not saying this because I’m biased (although I clearly am), but this girl literally has guys drooling over her. If she reads this post, I know she’s reading this part and rolling her eyes and blushing, because she’s humble af. But these teenage f*ckboys who think they’re hot stuff cannot get enough of her. And you know what? Up until she turned 18, she never gave a single one of them the time of day. Not to make her sound like a bitch, but this chick has standards like you’ve never seen. A few years ago, I went to her basketball game and called her over to give a quick hug before warmups started. She pointed out this really goodlooking senior in the crowd and told me he’d been texting her the last couple of weeks to try and get her to go out with him. Not to sound like a pedo here, but the guy was pretty hot. So when I asked her wtf she was doing and why she wasn’t going, she rolled her eyes and goes, “he doesn’t care about school at all. Why the hell would I be interested in him?” WHAT KIND OF HORMONAL SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL TURNS DOWN THE HOT SENIOR BECAUSE HE DOESN’T GET GOOD GRADES?! I was somewhat shocked, but also immensely proud that she was so turned off by his lack of ambition. I’m telling you, I did a lot of re-evaluating to my love life after that one. So sad that I had to hear it from my baby sister to knock some sense into me. All I can say is this: Ladies, get yourself a man who’s hot and who also reads. You’re welcome.

4. Know. My. Worth.

Remember when I said that she didn’t give a single guy the time of day until she was 18? Well right around her 18th birthday, she fell for a f*ckboy who was so wildly unworthy of her, I’m annoyed to even dignify his existence. This Justin-Bieber-wannabe pipsqueak mother effer slid into her DMs… and then proceeded to court her on snapchat. Yes, you read that correctly. They’d never even spoken IRL before at school, and here he was, asking her to come over and hang out in his basement for movie night. Youths *insert eye roll emoji*. Like all boys who only have one thing on their mind, this troll thought that sending hundreds of cringe-worthy sappy texts and throwing around an “I love you” less than two weeks into the relationship would get him a homerun. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t do his homework on Victoria. If he had, he’d have known that she’s not about that life – something she let him know in no uncertain terms on their 3rd of 4th date. After about a month of him trying to change her mind (to no avail), he broke up with her ON FUCKING SNAPCHAT. That’s right – SNAPCHAT. TWO DAYS BEFORE HIS PROM. WHAT A FREAKING TURD. And you know what? After she got the initial tears out, she pulled herself together and moved the fuck on like the bad-ass bitch that she is. She had a new date to her prom within hours (btw, I’m obsessed with him, he’s literally the cutest kid in the world – see pics below), and this poor slob is probably sitting/waiting/wishing she’d come back. BYE FOOL, SEE YA NEVER. She never sat around feeling sorry for herself, wondering what she did wrong or why he didn’t want to be with her. If anything, she was insulted that he thought he could do better. TBH, I am too, since he obviously can’t, but I digress. This girl knows her worth, and she’s not afraid to let you know it too.

5. To do what’s right for me, and ignore everyone else

As I mentioned earlier in this post, Victoria is incredibly smart. Truth be told, she probably could’ve gotten into an ivy league if she wanted. She graduated with a 102% weighted grade, she played varsity soccer + basketball since 8th grade, led both teams to county championships this year, is the all-time leader scorer for her school (1000 pts by her Junior year, ended her senior year with 1,500 points), volunteered at animal shelters and was extremely involved at school. Her whole life, but especially these last couple of years she’s had everyone and their mother giving their 2 cents on where she should go to school. She wants to be a teacher – of that, she’s sure. So when she decided to go to Cortland, a school in upstate New York that’s known for its college of education, everyone was surprised, and nobody made it a secret. There were dozens of people who inquired as to why she wouldn’t go to a better school, why was she settling, always asking why. Truth be told, her decision was not taken lightly. At the end of the day, she didn’t want to be buried in student loans. Cortland honored her with an incredibly prestigious scholarship, and it felt right to HER. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Every time I see her in the Red Dragons gear, I get more and more excited for my girl to start the next chapter of her life- and I’m so proud that she’s doing it on HER terms.



So about those lessons…

I think I’ve been sappy enough for one post. And TBH, I don’t want her getting too big a head from all the nice things I’ve said. So I’ll let you in on a few of her less flattering traits, because hey – we’re all human

  1. She had a wildly unhealthy obsession with One Direction from 2012-2016 (2017 has seemed to cool her off). When I say unhealthy, I mean that she created a fan account on Twitter that none of us were allowed to know the username of (except I secretly knew it), her room was wallpaper from floor to ceiling with magazine cutouts of the boys, my brother was somehow forced to do a book report on their group memoir, and she had the nerve to cut out a picture of Harry Styles on glue it to the angel’s face on top of our Christmas tree.
  2. Her nickname is “the clock” because when she’s sitting down, she position her leg in a 90 degree angle and then pull it straight up past her head. It’s both incredible + terrifying.
  3. She dances like Elaine from Seinfeld – click here to see what I’m talking about – it’s not a pretty sight. PS – this video is a SPOT ON impression of her. The only reason I’m not including a video of Victoria herself is because some of her friends follow me and she’d prob never speak to me again.

There’s plenty more, but I love her too much to share 😉 Vic, I’m so proud of you. Oh, the places you’ll go ❤



One thought on “5 Lessons I’ve Learned From My Little Sister

  1. Ruth Williamson says:

    Amanda best post, your sister sounds wonderful, I enjoyed reading the whole thing. If you had an older sister, I would, knowing you, expect her to say something similar . An old saying., it takes one to know one. Wonderful knows wonderful.


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