Manhattan Beach: Take 1

For #MDW this year, I traded in Manhattan borough for Manhattan Beach and let me tell you, I fell in love. I told you all a few weeks ago about how my boyfriend moved back to California at the beginning of May for a job, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you’ll start seeing a lot more posts about my adventures in Cali from now on. This weekend will be the the first of many where I’ll trade in the martinis for daiquiris, Thai for Mexican, dirt/pee/3-day-old dog crap for sand, and handshakes for hang-10s (too far?). You wanna know the ultimate sign that Manhattan Beach is the opposite or NYC? People walk around barefoot here without the instant craving for a tetanus shot. That’s big.

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Anyway, these trips will be every other month at least, which gives me an opportunity for a mini-series on all the best spots I come across while in in Los Angeles- so fun! TBH, sorry I’m not sorry that instead of being tortured by unavoidable Manhattan heat waves, I’m literally writing this while sitting on the pier watching people surf and build sandcastles. Like, I’m actually feeling spray hit me every few minutes because I’m literally HANGING OVER THE PACIFIC OCEAN. Ok sry (lol not really).

This first trip is pretty low-key, because Patrick has just started his new job and needs to get some extra work done. I’m trying super hard to be the cool-girl, ya know, because I’m always SO breezy or whatever. But really, it’s not that bad, because instead of dragging him around to go shopping with me and be extra touristy, he’s getting his stuff done and I’m buying too many dresses and unabashedly staring at this girl 10 feet from me who literally has the most perfect body I’ve ever seen, which is something I could never do if Patrick were with me because I’d likely gouge his eyes out if he partook in this one-way staring contest :).

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3 places to check out when you visit Manhattan Beach:

The Kettle: We went out to dinner at The Kettle last night, which is one of (if not the only) place that’s literally open 24 hours in this beach town. We went early because food = priority and we had big plans to watch a Dog’s Purpose (side note: don’t watch this movie without a box of tissues within reach), but from what he’s told me, it’s a fun spot for 20 somethings to hang out after most of the other restaurants and bars have closed. They’re famous for their French-Onion Soup (I tried it, you need to as well), and their menu is reasonably priced. While I went for the class Angel-Hair Carbonara, Patrick decided to be boujee and get the Blue Crab Omelette (inser eye-roll here). Also, they have bran muffins which, admittedly, sound disgusting, but I tried it and omg just do yourself a favor and order 3.

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House: A favorite among the locals, the lines here start forming as early as 7:30am on weekends. I thought I’d had a good breakfast before, but few places have measured up to what Uncle Bill served us. The portions were awesome, the strawberries that topped my waffles w/ whipped cream were fresh (because I’m healthy like that), and their hot chocolate was BOMB. The bill for two came out to be less than $30, which makes no sense to me since they’re pretty much right on the beach and their rent must be insane, but who am I to argue with perfection?

Simmzy’s: Another casual spot on the beach, we had lunch here on Sunday afternoon. There’s no arguing that this is yet another prime location, and the lines speak for themselves. We got super lucky with only having a 5-10 minute wait for 2 at 1pm, but when we were leaving, we could see the line wrapping around the block! I went with a classic chicken/apple/walnut salad, while Patrick decided to be a bit more adventerous with his Hawaiian Style Poke Bowl with Crispy Rice. Not only was this super healthy, but it was delicious. If you have the time and don’t mind a little adventurous ordering, go for this one- you won’t see it on the menu at many other places, and it was fresh af. Simmzy’s is also know for its craft beer selection (we tried the Beachwood Foam Top Blonde). The atmosphere is loud + casual, and is a great place to go with a group! Note to self for next time: order the apple-filled doughnut. We didn’t have time to stick around for dessert this weekend, but people RAVE about it on Yelp!


I’m headed back out there for the 4th of July, so plenty more recommendations coming your way! Have any tips for me? Comment below!

xo, AJ

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