Your Life, as Told by Golden Girls Quotes


When your friends are roasting you in the group text:

group text

When your ex sends you the “hey, u up?” text at 2am. Boy, BYE.


When you’re thinking about how broke you are:

old is expensive

When you’re complaining about your latest Bumble guy to your best friend:

bumble compaining

When you really stop and think about the state of your life

uncomfortable laugh.gif

When you see your bf comments on another girl’s Insta and your bestie asks what you’re gonna do about it:

ice cream fle

When you’re PMSing:


And then when it finally happens:

better late than.gif

When you say you’re only having 2 drinks but end up having 8:

drunk home

When your boyfriend asks you what’s wrong and you know you’re being irrational:


When your doctor tells you that you should probably eat less ice cream and more broccoli:



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