I’m Still Fly, I’m Sky High

You can book your own experience at FlyNYON.com

You know in those action movies where people run on to a rooftop and there’s a strategically placed helicopter that’s somehow already whirring at full-speed and then the second the character jumps into it, it takes off? Yea, FlyNYON wasn’t like that at all.

suns out

It was still INSANELY cool though! I actually found out about FlyNYON while I was browsing Instagram. I took one look at their feed, and sent them an email to book. There was no way I was going to let this opportunity pass me by! 2017 has been the Year of Yes for me, so saying no to riding in a helicopter over the city? Not an option.

I’m not gonna lie, the experience isn’t cheap. A 15 minute ride over NYC will run you $218 – but keep in mind, 15 minutes in a helicopter is actually kind of a long time. (They have longer packages too, but I’ll stick to the one that I went on.) Here’s how it works:

You start off by the water in Jersey where the office and helicopter hub is. There’s a bunch of different helicopters in their garage and on the tarmac (is that what it’s called? You know what I mean) so you immediately feel like you’re on the set of Top Gun. Very boss-like. There will be a max of 5 people on this flight (including you), so it’s pretty personal. The team is incredibly nice, and really helpful at answering any questions you might have. You arrive about 45 minutes before your flight so that you can go over a quick safety video, make sure all your clothing + shoes check out, and secure your phone or camera to a rope that attaches to you. The people of NYC that you, FlyNYON – nothing ruins your Tuesday morning quite like getting nailed with an iPhone 7 from 2,000 feet in the air.

Once you’re done with all of that, you walk outside and then strap you up into a harness that will attach you to the helicopter so you don’t pull a Vin Diesel and jump out. Pretty smart. You’ll take a golf cart out to the helicopter and that’s when you realize that you’re really about to go 2000 FEET IN THE AIR OVER NEW YORK CITY. Holy. Sh*t. You take the mandatory photo in front of the helicopter, get strapped in, and put on a fancy headset that I’m sure is there to block out the crazy loud noise, but really just made me feel like I was a badass fighter pilot. I loved every second of it.


And then you’re off – the helicopter rises up quickly and you’re suddenly shivering from both the cold and the adrenaline, while simultaneously trying super hard to look out over the water without your face flying off. I feel like I finally understand what my dog must experience when she sticks her head out of the window when I’m driving. I’ve seen the photos of me – it’s nothing I’d want in a yearbook, that’s for sure.

Then suddenly, you’re over the city and it’s just kind of surreal. You see the whole island of Manhattan right there below you and you’re so high up that you can barely see the people, but you just have this massive smile on your face because OMG, who really gets to do this?! I was so insanely happy and just in pure awe over what was happening. The pilot flies right over the Freedom Tower, because he’s very aware that it’s the money shot. And of course you take a shoe selfie. It was no accident that I was wearing my Suns Out Buns Out shoes by Sam Edelman. It’s like they were made for this exact moment.



freedom 2


And then you’re on your way back to Jersey and you’re just like ahhh omg WHAT JUST EVEN HAPPENED?! Once you land, you’re unhooked, and you take a quick ride back to the office and you’re all done. I can’t really explain the feeling, other than just to say I’ve never experienced anything like it. It’s not the feeling like when you’re on a roller coaster, it’s actually a lot easier. I think the excitement of the whole thing tunes you out to how high up you are, so it’s not actually scary. The only truly frightening part about it all was what my hair looked like when it was all over. Ladies, make sure you bring a hair tie. You’ve been warned.

FlyNYON has the NYC experience, but they’re also located in a few other cities as well, including Miami, LA and San Francisco! They’re also opening up 2 experiences in Vegas next month – one over the strip, and one over the Grand Canyon – that’s going to be BEYOND insane! The pricing and timing is different for all cities, so make sure you check out their site and see which one is a good fit for you!


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