Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m like, a really big fan of food. Sadly, not a huge fan of healthy food (I place 95% of the blame on my parents for force-feeding me vegetables and not letting me leave the table until all the greens had been eaten for this #traumatized). I supposed I should make it one of my goals to eat healthier, but it I’m being real, INSIDER Food doesn’t post videos about salads and grilled chicken, so I’m not impressed.

Luckily, they DO post all kinds of videos about fun places to try all over the country, but especially NYC. If you’re anything like me, your thought process goes like this:

  1. “Holy sh*t that looks delicious omg must have!”
  2. *Shares video on FB and tags 3-4 friends and captions “GET READY- we’re going to this.”*
  3. *Realizes that there are literally millions of other people who’ve seen this video in the last 2 days and that the line will be 4 blocks long*
  4. *Never goes*

Well friends, I decided to be adventurous this weekend. On Sunday afternoon, I shut Netflix off, changed out of my Lulu Lemons and into actual jeans, put on my toasty warm black coat (it was 25 degrees max this weekend in NYC) and texted my best friend and begged her to brave the cold for me – in the name of food. Since she’s the best and agreed immediately, we were off!

LES wall


Stop #1 – OatMeals NYC

OatMeals is exactly what it sounds like- an entire cafe dedicated to oatmeal. Be warmed- this isn’t your mother’s oatmeal. This stuff is the real deal. I was initially tempted by the Cinnamon Bun flavor, but sided with the Unicorn bowl bc #trendy. My Nana would’ve slapped my wrist if she thought for even a second I was pairing a breakfast food with so much sugar, but I’M AN ADULT SO I DO WHAT I WANT. Not gonna lie, it was a little odd do have a piece of sour candy in my oats, but it was the experience that mattered, and I had to do it for the ‘gram.

oatmeal 1



Stop #2 – Goa Taco

Full disclosure, Goa wasn’t even on my list of places to visit on this self-planned Food Tour. But when we were walking to our next location, I saw their neon sign on the wall inside and immediately dragged Yasi through the door. “Just need to warm up” was how I justified it to her. Ordered a quick little snack and continued to admire the decor because the wall color is PERFECT and the hot pink neon sign is something that I honestly need for my room because really, wtf else would I need besides tacos and someone to tell me I’m pretty? That’s #goals my friends. I knew what stops we still had left on this little tour, so I ordered a bag of chips + salsa and stuffed them in my bag for later which, to be fair, I chowed down on later that night and immediately decided I need to go back to get some tacos. Follow-up post to come on that 😉




Stop #3-  Sweets by Chloe

Not gonna lie, I was skeptical. I know this place is part of the Sweetgreen family, which is a super healthy restaurant that rarely appeals to me unless I have an event coming up that requires me to lose 5lbs by consuming water + rabbit food. Not a fan. As my favorite quote says, “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be a doughnut.” But I digress.

I’m thrilled that I didn’t pass on Sweets by Chloe, because a) very cute front door (even though the hinge on it will knock you out if you’re not careful – almost got a concussion #bible) and b) their stuff is absolutely delicious. Even thought it was like, below freezing out, I had to go with the double-chocolate push pop. IT’S SO DAMN GOOD! People passing by on the street probably thought I was deranged for eating a frozen dessert outside in the dead of winter, but NO REGRETS, MAN. It was chocolaty (obv) and creamy and had a little bit of cake in it and just YES. See ya super soon, Chloe. Love you, mean it!


sweet chloe 1

sweet chloe 2


Stop #4 – The Meatball Shop

Crossing 5th Ave and trekking from the West Village to the Lower East Side, Yasi and I decided it was time for something more savory than sweet, which is how we ended up at the Meatball Shop. Knowing that we still had one stop left after this one, we kept the order relatively small. we went for the Naked Balls. I ordered mine with red sauce and mozzarella, and topped it with the Family Jewel (aka a fried egg). Yasi also guilted herself into ordering a side of broccoli, to which I simply ignored the entire time bc ew I have no interest in eating miniature trees, thank you very much.

Long story short with the Meatball Shop, it’s a really fun place to go. The atmosphere is casual and the menus are awesome. It’s laminated and the waitstaff gives you dry -erase markers so you can circle what you want and write any notes down on it, and then they go off of that when preparing your food in the kitchen. I’ve been here once before, and I can say with extreme confidence that if you ever go, you NEED to order an ice cream sandwich. You can customize it to your liking, but I went with the classic vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, and I definitely was not disappointed. I’m secretly glad that I don’t live close to one of their locations, because I’d for sure be going in there every day and like, my waistband just cannot afford that at the moment.


the meatball shop


Stop #5 – New Territories 

Mostly I just had to go here because I’ve seen their milkshakes on Instagram and I was fascinated. the outside is partially coated in rainbow sprinkles (yaaas, love when something is fit for a princess) and is topped with all things rainbow and sweet. It’s the unicorn milkshake (again, v. trendy right now) of your dreams. And once again, we have a hot pink neon sign FTW! This is yet another place that I’ll need to come back to again, because they had some ridiculously cool looking waffle snacks that I sadly had to pas up, lest I need to be rolled home or go shopping for a larger pair of jeans.


milkshake 2

milkshake 3

Where To Find:

OatMeals  –  120 W. 3rd Street, New York, NY

Goa Taco  –  79 Delancey Street, New York, NY

Sweets by Chloe  –  185 Bleecker Street, New York, NY

The Meatball Shop  –  84 Stanton Street, New York, NY

New Territories  –  190 Orchard Street, New York, NY



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