Here Comes the Bridesmaid…

* There are links to buy all of the products mentioned at the bottom of this post. For more info, please visit Jade Taylor Market

Ahhhh, March. This month is confusing af. One day it’s 70 degrees and you’re sweating on the subway and you wanna toss your Canada goose jacket into the next trashcan you see. The next day, it’s blizzarding and you didn’t check the weather before you left and now you’re running 20 minutes late and there’s just not enough time to go back upstairs to your apartment and change out of your peep-toe heels so now everyone on the subway is judging your life decisions. NYC is so fun!!!

March is also the super fun time when I check my mailbox and 47 save-the-dates and wedding invites fall out of my mailbox (probably because I only check my mail once every two months – it’s 2017 and automated online billing is a thing so why else would I check my mail??). Anyway, this month is the beginning of Wedding Szn, aka the annual reminder of how not-married you are and also a fun time to re-think those shoes you were about to splurge on because hey! Brittany + Josh invited you to their wedding and you need to be able to buy them that blender from their registry that they’ll prob use a total of 14 times during their marriage. But you’re a #goodfriend, so you sadly close out the Nordstroms app, and say so-long to the shopping cart that once held your dreams…

Anyways, my point is WAKE UP LADIES – it’s wedding season, and you need all the energy for this you can muster. Like I said, you’re a #goodfriend, so the chances of you being a bridesmaid in at least one wedding this year are pretty high. There are the engagement parties, the bridal showers, the bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinners, the actual wedding and the super trendy post-wedding brunches that you need to prepare for. If you’re anything like me, you work at a job that you love (lolz) but that doesn’t quite cover the cost of buying 7 blenders per year, especially when none of them are for you. PS – I’m kinda kidding, but only about the job part (because I do like my job). I was not kidding about not being able to afford these pricey af blenders that everyone asks for and nobody uses.

In fact, I work for The Knot, so I know a thing or two about weddings. I know alllll about the different kinds of blenders on the market, so HMU if you need some advice. All of this is why I partnered with Jade Taylor Market. They offer these incredibly beautiful wedding boxes that I’m OBSESSED with! I especially like them because there’s three different kinds – there’s the  Bride gift boxes, the Bridesmaid gift boxes and then there’s a Build-a-box feature where you can curate your own unique box! I tested out some of the products included to be sure that the ladies of my life would be happy receiving them, and I wasn’t disappointed. Full disclosure, Jade sent me these products to test out and review for you guys, but I wouldn’t be posting it I wasn’t seriously happy with the product – bible!!! I’ve reviewed the products that I actually tried for myself later on in this post, but I’ve included descriptions of each box here:


  • Bride Boxes: There are 4 Bride boxes, ranging in price from $46 (the petite wedding planning box) to $115 (the deluxe bride-to-be box).
    • The wedding planning box helps brides celebrate with the cutest products! There’s a gorgeous kimono-style robe, a stemless champagne flute, a gourmet bath bomb, to-do wedding planning checklist (crucial!), a soy glass candle, and sea salt caramels (so. good.)
    • The bride-to-be box includes everything from the wedding planning box, as well as an adorable “cheers” gold bottle opener – perfect for popping the bubbly with your girlfriends to celebrate!
  • Bridesmaid Boxes: There are 4 of these fab boxes as well, you lucky ducks! These ones range from $30-$115, and have the best goodies! If Brittany is really your friend, she’ll love you and buy you one because you’re putting up with her being a bridezilla so you srsly deserve this. The products in this box are similar to the ones in the Bride boxes, but the robes have a different pattern (because the bride is special, obv) and the bathbombs are different (although, the bridesmaid bath bombs are named Unicorn Gourmet Bath Bomb, so who’s the real winner here??).
  • Build-Your-Own Box: This one is probably my favorite, because you can customize it with exactly what you’d like it to include.
    • You can choose your own packaging, which I love because if your rent is due and you’re broke, you can opt for the $5 box instead of the $13 dollar box and still pay your bills but be a #goodfriend and have chic packaging at the same time.
    • From there, you can choose whichever products you want to include in the box, so you can either ball-out and splurge because this is your bestie we’re talking about and she deserves it! Or you can be more conservative and add a few things but still keep the cost down. It’s perfect!
    • The last step is adding an optional card to the order. If you’re the bride and you want to propose to your ladies, there’s a card for that! Proposing to your bridesmaids is so on-trend right now, and Jade Taylor Market boxes have you covered from every angle! Even if your bridesmaid is in six other weddings this summer and kinda wants to say no, she’ll feel too guilty once she opens this box. It’s kinda like if a guy that you were like, “ehh I like you enough to hang out with you but not enough to want to spend the next 65 years with you” got down on one knee and you were gonnato say no but the ring is too nice so you say yes?? I’M KIDDING. Mostly.





Product Reviews

Ok so now you know what they offer, but like, do you really want to spend your happy hour drink money on this? The answer is yes. Go find a retired frat star to buy your 2nd cosmo and go splurge a little on your friend. I tried out a couple of their products so I would know if it was worthy, and turns out it actually is! Check out my two favorites here:

  • Unicorn Dreamer Gourmet Bath BombThis Willow & Honey bath bomb says it’s scented with guava, but I personally think it smells like a more fruity version of the Mr. Bubbles bubble bath you had as a kid. Which is probably the biggest compliment that I could think of, because that’s one of my favorite smells ever and don’t tell anyone but I actually still use it and have a huge tub of it under my bathroom sink rn (I feel you judging me. You can stop now.) Anyways, winter has been a real bitch on my skin. I’m always feeling dried out and my skin looks flaky, no matter how much moisturize I use (curse you, sensitive skin!!), but I soaked with this bad boy for about 25 minutes and actually felt so much better afterwards! I don’t know if that’s something that was supposed to happen with this product, but it certainly had that affect on me, and I’m not complaining.
  • Baltic Amber Candle: I’m actually obsessed with candles. I legitimately have not gone into a Target without leaving with a new candle in my entire life. I have at least 25 floating around my apartment – it’s actually dumb how many there are. So clearly I was more than thrilled that this Baltic Amber scent (one which I shockingly have not had in my collection before) showed up in my box. A self-described candle connoisseur, I think I’m a pretty good judge of the stuff. Anyways, I used this when I had a few girlfriends over to my apartment last week, and two of the three of them instantly commented on it the second they walked through my front door. They got all happy-faced and were all, “mmm what’s that smell??” MY NEW CANDLE BITCHES, THAT’S WHAT! It’s honestly kind of hard to explain the exact smell- just to prove to you that I’m not exaggerating, here’s the descriptions on the Jade Taylor Market website: “The amber candle has notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musk combined with citrus, lavendar and jasmine. Fragrance is infused with orange, lavandin, coaiba, basalm, lemon and grapefruit essential oils.” See? Wasn’t kidding.

Honestly, I’m not writing this because I was paid to (I actually wasn’t paid – I did get a few products for free though), or because I work for The Knot. I wrote this because I genuinely like the products. From the second you get the package and see the clean white box wrapped in the pretty pink ribbon, you just get a little feeling of excitement for this fun thing you’re about to open! The idea of the boxes is to gift your favorite bride or bridesmaids, but don’t forget- you can treat yourself, too! The price points are super reasonable ($7 for the bath bomb, $18 for the candle), so if by some miracle you were blessed with not having to gift-give to 58 brides this year, get something for yourself! Have some #MeTime, and take a much-needed break from your crazy-ass schedule and relax. You deserve it!

xo, AJ

Where To Buy:

Link to buy: Baltic Amber Candle

Link to buy: Unicorn Dreamer Bath Bomb

Link to buy: Bride Boxes

Link to buy: Bridesmaid Boxes

Link to Buy: Custom Curated Box


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