That Time I Went to Body By Simone + Had the Best Workout Ever

Since the beginning of time, I have fought to find a way to balance my love of carbs and my hate of most forms of exercise. I’ve tried super hard to avoid many a Regina George moment – “sweatpants are all that fit me rn.” I’m not proud of the fact that college me lived in yoga pants/ norts/ oversized frat tees 85% of the time. In my defense, that was the sorority cool-girl style, but it was also super favorable for those of us embracing the freshman 15. UGH, beer + hangover food, guys. It’ll get ya every time.

Over the last year and a half, I’ve worked really hard to eat better and be more active – which is not easy for someone who really hates traditional workouts and used to hide behind the pole-vaulting mat on the track during the mile portion of the Presidential Test during P.E. in high school. Hand to God, I legit pat myself on the back if I “run” a mile faster than 12 minutes. Working out just isn’t something I’ve ever really had an affinity for, so making such an effort this last year or so has been especially tough. That’s why I’m so grateful to live in NYC, where there are literally millions of people who are just like me and hate the feeling of jogging on a stationary piece of rubber for 45 minutes while trying your absolute hardest not to start walking until at least the 5 minute mark. No? Just me? K, sorry.

Anways, one thing that I’ve absolutely always loved is dancing. I started ballet at the age of 3 and danced until I was 13, and started cheering in 2nd grade in mighty-mites and fell in love. I cheered all the way until I graduated high school, and I’ve missed it ever since. Once I started getting into a healthier mode, I looked into taking dance classes. Dancing as a workout is no joke – if you really get into it, it does more than just provide a good cardio workout – it tones you like no other. I lost 20 lbs this past fall just by doing Zumba classes 4-5 days a week for an hour each day. And the best part is how fun it is!

Which brings me to today’s post. One of my really close friends, Jenny, is a huge supporter of my health kick. She’s someone I can always count on to be down for a workout class, or choosing a healthier place to meet for dinner or lunch. She’s the kind of friend who’s super encouraging, but I’m not going to lie… when she first invited me to join her at this Body By Simone class, I was hesitant. I’ve taken a handful of workout classes with Jen, and I end up seriously resenting her about 10 minutes into every class we’ve ever done together. They’re always SO HARD. And I’m not a huge baby about this stuff, but I’m not exaggerating. Once, she took me to a class that lasted 60 minutes and consisted entirely of different exercises with a heavy-ass medicine ball. 15 minutes in, I was plotting different ways to “accidentally” drop my ball and trip my instructor just to put me out of my misery. 5 minutes after that, I literally walked out. I did it for our friendship – if I had stayed, I don’t think I would’ve talked to Jenny for at least 2 weeks. It was that hard. Ok, so maybe I am a bit of a baby but whatevs STOP JUDGING ME.

When Jenny asked, I skeptically agreed, and here’s why: I just saw an episode of Khloe Kardashian’s new show, Revenge Body, a few weeks ago, and it featured Body By Simone on it. I saw this girl get her ass kicked in this class day after day for 12 weeks, and her results were insane! So I threw on my Lulu Lemons and my hot pink Nikes and made my way up to the W 26th Street location.



As soon as the class started, I knew it was no joke. Like I said, I’ve done plenty of dance classes in my life, and I really love Zumba, so I thought that this would be a breeze. LOL, no. The “warm-up” had me chugging a half a bottle of water after just 7 minutes! Our instructor, Ashley, was KILLING it, and also killing me in the process. Her encouragement and bubbly personality are probably the only reasons I survived the whole hour, because I was sweating my ass off before the first song was even over.

The concept of this class is that it’s 80% cardio dance, and the other 20% is dedicated to toning. You have your warm-up, then you learn 2 routines, then you move on to some leg work, then two more routines, then arms, abs, and a cool-down. Even though the arms portion only lasts for probably 7 minutes, I could already feel the fat from my lunch-lady arms burning (seriously, feel the burn could not have been truer at this point). It sounds really cheesy to say this, but the most important thing you can do for yourself during this class is to let loose and have fun. Nobody else there cares if you look like a jackass and can’t get the steps right – they’re all too busy trying not to choke on their own spit while they’re panting throughout the third routine. As long as you’re having a good time, I promise you’ll survive!



The class isn’t cheap – it’s $35/hour, but I’m working on either finding a Gilt deal or selling a kidney or something (or possibly just not ordering as much Seamless bc hey – let’s kill two birdS with one stone and maybe not order Mexican/Chinese three nights a week if the goal is to shed some LBs by going to this class in the first place??). I left the class feeling happier and lighter. It didn’t hurt that it was unseasonably warm for a late February night, and Jenny and I could walk 25 blocks or so without our hair forming icicles at the tips. If you live in the NYC area, or even if you’re just planning to visit, send me a message and let’s go to a class together! I’m all about making new friends and finding fun ways to get to know someone. If there’s one way to do it, it’s letting loose and embarrassing myself on a dance floor. See you there!

xo, AJ


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