Will you be My Galentine?

Valentine’s day can be wonderful, but it can also we a single girl’s worst nightmare. If you weren’t planning on being sad and drinking half a bottle of wine by yourself (ok fine, the whole bottle) and feeling super sorry for yourself before, a few swipes on Instagram, and you’re there!


Half of your feed is probably overflowing with cute couples who are super in love and just can’t contain their feelings- “Sappy post alert! Guys, this man right here is just SO WONDERFUL. Not only did he take me on a ridiculous tropical vacation but he bought me like $3k worth of jewelry and got me 2 dozen roses (he only got his mom a dozen, LOL) love you SOSOSOSO much babe!xoxo” GIRL, BYE. The other half of your feed is filled with memes reminding you just how single you are. My personal favorite that I saw today was, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you’ll be alone again this Valentines Day, LOL sucks to be u.” WTF?! Literally, so rude. I’m not even single, and I’m personally offended by that post.

Which brings me Galentines Day, legit one of my favorite days of the year. This “holiday” of sorts rose to fame a few years ago, and falls on February 13th- basically, it’s an excuse to get drunk and celebrate how much you love your friends aka it’s the best kind of holiday out there. HOLLA! Ok guys, *SAPPY POST ALERT*! I actually have the best friends out there. Not even exaggerating, they’re actually the best and I’m incredibly lucky to have all these fine-ass, smart-ass, bad-ass women in my life. Which is why I was especially grateful to spend my G-Day celebration with 7 of them year!


Our fantastic Hostess with the Mostest, Jenny, planned this night for us. No joke, I couldn’t have anticipated what an absolutely perfect night she coordinated. We started off at her apartment in Tribeca (and yes, she has the most perfect bachelorette pad ever). She went all out – pink tablecloth, pink & gold decorations, cupcakes, candyhearts (because of course), little men in ass-less chaps that held onto our wine glasses.. it was fab. She also had it catered which I cannot stress enough went above & beyond what I was expecting but omg, like, I really need the number to that caterer because that garlic bread was BEYOND.

Because it was Galentine’s Day and because we love to embarrass each other and ourselves as much as possible, Jen has us play a semi-explicit Truth or Dare drinking game. All I can reveal about this game is that I know a lot more about my friends that I could have ever guessed + that it left everyone feeling extremely buzzed bc WINE. As for the rest, I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

And because Jenny is literally the BEST hostess of all time, she also made us all personalized goody bags. I told you, she went all out for this – the rest of us are tote1seriously screwed for future parties because I can already tell you, mine won’t even compare to hers. UGH, struggles. For starters, the white & gold Pop Fizz Clink tote is the cutest thing ever! I work in the wedding industry, and I’m constantly seeing this design for bridesmaids gifts, and I’ve always wanted one- so glad I finally have one! But Jen didn’t stop there- the insides were filled with candy, chocolate lollipops, 50 Shades themed cookies, Grow-a-Boyfriends and a makeup bag with even more goodies inside! We walked away feeling like celebs leaving the Grammy’s gifting suites. Pro tip: You Can find links to all the cute Galentine’s Day goodies at the bottom of this post!

And then we were off to do what 90% of single women in America did this weekend – we cabbed our way to the movie theater, custom Laters Baby wine-filled travel mugs in hand (thanks, Jen!), to see  the long-awaited 50 Shades Darker movie. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Jamie Dornan, you are fine as hell.. I’m already counting the days until Galentine’s Day 2018 for 50 Shades Freed.

As the fine ladies of Sex & The City once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.”

xo, AJ

Here’s where you can find those cute goodies I was talking about :

Find the Pop Fizz Clink tote here

Find the 50 Shades of Single shirt here

Laters Baby wine glass (slightly different, I couldn’t find a version with the travel topper) here

50 Shades themed cookies here



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